ABOUT: The School

‘To Arise and Shine in Life’ – This is the vision that we at Love India International School have for our students. It is said that ‘Education is the Preparation for Life’. Our mission will revolve around creating and sustaining a safe, healthy and a comfortable learning environment for our students. An environment that not only stimulates and fosters knowledge but also equips our students with the competencies and skills required for a successful life. A lot of emphasis will be laid on the development of core skills like effective communication skills, decision making and problem solving skills, creative thinking skills, digital literacy, empathy and most importantly skills required for good citizenship.

We at LIIS understand that a school is a second home for the child. Our goal is to extend comfort and confidence to our students and parents. Our teachers will not only teach but also love, care, respect, support and guide like ‘Parents’ at home. We also want the parents of our students to feel ‘at home’ when they approach us. We look forward to collaborating with parents, both by providing and seeking support, and by working hand in hand together for the progress of our students.

Love India International School aims to reach out to each student and explore the best way he or she would like to learn. Each child is unique with distinct learning pathways which are interest driven. With the technologies and learning tools available today, it is simply finding the smart way out. LIIS appreciates this. And delivers it with a touch of warmth. To be cherished for LIFE.